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Welcome to the Highway Safety School

This unique drivers' school is designed to introduce you to the fundamentals of car control and driving mechanics in a safe environment. We've constructed a series of driving exercises that are designed to provoke certain behaviors from your car. Each exercise illustrates a particular characteristic response of your car to road conditions and driver input. You'll learn proper and improper driver inputs for particular situations. By the end of the day, you'll understand how your car behaves under braking and cornering, and consequently you'll be a much better driver. more…

Skid Pad Instruction

At Summit Point, we have the great fortune of having a skidpad facility available for use at our drivers' schools. The skidpad allows us to teach you car control in a safe, controlled environment. At your forthcoming school, you will be scheduled for skidpad instruction during each school day. To ensure maximal use of the limited time we have, we have established a specific skidpad curriculum with specialized instructors. This guide describes what you will be doing and why we believe skidpad training is crucial to your driver education. more…

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