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  • The Highway Safety School fee is $125, and the following drivers' school day's fee is $215.myRT1("3/23/2008,14,updated.gif")
  • The remaining drivers' school fees are $430 per weekend.myRT1("3/23/2008,14,updated.gif")

Our schools are not racing schools. Our focus is on skills, not speed, and our overriding concern is with your safety and that of your car. We select our school instructors very carefully, not simply for their technical knowledge and accomplishments as drivers, but also for their abilities to impart that knowledge to their students in a clear, concise, and professional manner.

Your BMW is an amazingly capable car. At a National Capital Chapter driving school, you will be able to realize your car's capabilities, learn the limits of those capabilities under controlled conditions, and practice the skills needed to control your car safely within those limits.
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Highway Safety Schools
Introduction to Drivers' Schools
Introduction to High-Performance Driving

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