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  • The Highway Safety School fee is $125, and the following drivers' school day's fee is $215.myRT1("3/23/2008,14,updated.gif")
  • The remaining drivers' school fees are $430 per weekend.myRT1("3/23/2008,14,updated.gif")
Registration for our driving schools is easy, however, you must have an account on our message board.

Message Board Registration

If you haven't previously registered on our message board, use the link below and choose a username and password, then respond to the verification email.

AOL, Netscape and some other ISPs have been blocking the confirmation email as spam.
If you do not receive your confirmation email within a few minutes, use the Contact Us link at the bottom of the message board so we can approve you.


Once you are logged onto our message board you may need to update your membership information and driving school experience.
Select the schools you would like to attend, then submit the pre-registration form.
You may update these forms at anytime, but may only submit them when pre-registration is open.

If you forgot your email address, use the Contact Us link at the bottom of the message board.
If you forgot your username or password, try this.

After submitting the form you will receive a confirmation email within a few minutes.
If you have private messages enabled, you will also receive the confirmation as a private message.
If you do not receive the confirmation email, check your spam folder. Or, possibly, you may not have pressed Submit; if this is the case, you will need to resubmit.


Mail your pre-registration email or private message with photocopies of your proof of insurance and drivers license along with a check payable to NCC BMW CCA.
The address where to mail the form is in the email.

Acceptance is based on the Admissions Policy.
Do not mail your form in early or late.
The registration periods are posted below in the Events Registration table.
Note: The registration period is now 1 week.

Most questions about our driving schools can be answered on our website.
Please do not wait until the last day of registration to submit your pre-registration form.

Please have patience while we continue to improve our registration process.

Admissions Policy

Because of strong demand for space in National Capital Chapter (NCC) drivers’ schools, sometimes we are unable to accommodate all of the students who apply. For schools where applications exceed our school capacity, we will admit students as outlined below.

Priority Assignment
Students will be admitted in order of application postmark date from among the following groups until school capacity has been reached. Within each group, applicants for both days of a school will be admitted first, and then, if spaces remain, single-day applicants will be admitted. Ties within groups will be broken by random drawings:
  1. NCC members
  2. Members of other BMW CCA chapters
  3. Non-members
  4. Those submitting applications postmarked outside of the registration period
To expand the ranks of qualified instructors as quickly as possible, and thus increase the number of students that can be admitted to future schools, applicants who qualify for the NCC instructor-training program (Instructor Academy; IA) or who lack a single IA qualification will be given highest admission priority. Qualification for IA is based on performance in earlier schools. Detailed information on IA can be obtained from the chapter’s website at

Unsuccessful applicants will be waitlisted. If spaces become available, applicants will be admitted from the waitlist in order as described above. Applicants who are waitlisted but not eventually admitted receive full refunds of their fees. Waitlisted applications will not be “rolled over” to later schools.
“NCC member” priority will be given to applicants whose primary or secondary chapter affiliations include
the NCC and to applicants with pending NCC membership applications.
The number of novice students admitted will be limited to one-third of the total school enrollment.
Every effort will be made to inform applicants of their admission status three weeks before the school.
  • Applications must be submitted using the online pre-registration form and postmarked between the registration period inclusive. Each applicant must submit a separate form using a different username and email address. Copies of the applicant’s driver’s license and proof of insurance (such as state insurance card) must be included with the application. Admission priority will be determined by postmark date.
  • Drivers must be 18 years of age or older and have full, valid driver’s licenses. Familiarity with the car is essential, and car sharing is strongly discouraged. For two-day drivers’ schools, first-time students may register for the first day, or for both days, but not for the second day only.
  • Cars must be insured, street-legal, quiet, and must have passenger seats. Functional, securely attached lap and shoulder belts are required for both front seats. The front seats must have equal restraint systems available (e.g., if the driver has a five-point harness, the passenger must have a five-point harness as well). Performance-enhancing modifications and R-compound (racing) tires inhibit learning and are strongly discouraged. If roll bars or cages are installed, they must be fully padded above the level of the front door window sills.
  • Convertibles, SAVs, SUVs, retractable hardtops, T-tops, trucks, vans, motorcycles, and rental cars are not allowed. (updated 12/18/2007)
  • Cars must be inspected by a qualified service facility before the event. A properly completed tech inspection form (supplied) must be presented at the track. It is your responsibility to ensure that your car is safe and roadworthy.
  • Helmets must be certified to Snell M- or SA-standards, 2000 or later. Full-face helmets with SA-2005 certifications are strongly recommended. The Snell Memorial Foundation’s certification will be found on a sticker inside the helmet. The chapter does not supply helmets. (updated 10/23/2006)
  • Prior approval is required for students intending to share cars and for changes in car type after registration.
The National Capital Chapter reserves the right to decline entry to any individual and to any vehicle deemed unsafe or unsuitable for track use.
2008 Event and Registration Period Dates
subject to change

Date Pre-Registration Begins Registration Period Location Event Type
March 15 - 16 January 7 January 22 - January 26 Summit Point Raceway
Main Circuit
Drivers' School
May 31 - June 1 March 24 April 7 - April 12 Summit Point Raceway
Jefferson Circuit
Drivers' School
August 2 May 26 June 9 - June 14 Summit Point Raceway
Shenandoah Circuit
Highway Safety School
August 3 Drivers' School
October 11 - 12 August 4 August 18 - August 23 Summit Point Raceway
Shenandoah Circuit
Drivers' School

Refund policymyRT1("11/27/2007,300,updated.gif")

Revised Refund Policy for 2008

Student and instructor schedules are finalized and sent to the printer fifteen days prior to the school (namely, on the third Friday preceding the school weekend) (the “Freeze Date”).  We are not able to add students from the wait list after the Freeze Date.  The school costs are all fixed costs and tuition is priced as low as possible based upon full attendance.   

If you notify the Registrar of your cancellation prior to the Freeze Date, you will receive a refund of all amounts paid.  

If you notify the Registrar on or after the Freeze Date, and up until 9:00 p.m. the Friday immediately preceding the school weekend, you will receive a refund of one-half of your school tuition (regardless of the reason for the cancellation).  Notification of the Registrar may be made by email to nccdsregistrarmaccom, or home phone 301.990.1315 or cell phone 703.338.8128.    

If you fail to attend the school without notifying the Registrar prior to 9:00 p.m. the Friday before the school, you will forfeit your entire school tuition for that weekend.


admissions_policy_7.0.pdf 106.81 KB
Admissions Policy
Drivers' Schools
School Coordinator Matt Oleksiak 703.615.4678 (cell)
Registrar Doug Verner 301.990.1315
703.338.8128 (cell)
Chief Instructor Bill Shook  
Instructor Academy Administrator Pete Read 703.533.7804
Student Representative Tony Clark 703.237.3307
Assistant Student Representative David Miller 703.304.7950 (cell)
Instructor Representative Eric Carnell 301.514.2317 (cell)
Chief Tech Inspector David Oritiz

Latest questions

Where do I mail the form?
The registrar's address is contained in the confirmation email.

I want to register my son or daughter. Do I use my membership number?
Associate members have their own membership number. Use non-member in place of membership number. Priority goes to NCC members, outside chapter members, non-members, outside the registration period.

Can I just change the name and use the same account to register someone else?
No. Please register using a different username and email address. There are many free email account services.

I made a mistake on the form I submitted.
Correct the form when you mail it in. It is not necessary to resubmit.

Can I pre-register anytime?
No. You must wait to submit your pre-registration form beginning the opening date.
Although you can edit the form at anytime. Any forms past the registration period will be rejected.

I did not receive a confirmation email.
Your provider may be blocking messages or you did not press submit.
Check to see if you have a private message when logged into the message board. If you are sure you submitted the form, contact Steven Schlossman at .

How do I know I have been accepted?
If you registered during the first two days there is a very good chance you will be accepted. You should be notified three weeks before the school.

I forgot my username/password?
If you forgot your username or password, try this.

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