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March 4, 2006, FunKtion Auto Group Announces Grand Opening

Dulles, VA

Specifically, FunKtion, which is hosting its Grand Opening, is hosting a tech session with the Porsche Club. The session will include tips on how to maintain a hi-performance Porsche. FunKtion erases the line between "track heads" and "Everyday Drivers who love their car."
February 28, 2006---Dulles, VA---FunKtion Auto Group, a Dulles, VA based automobile dealership, maintenance shop, racing group and auto enthusiast club today announced the grand opening of its 9,000 square foot facility.

FunKtion Auto is located at 44264 Mercure Drive in Dulles, VA, and is accessible by both the Washington Beltway and Route 28. The "one stop auto shop" sells, services, maintains, races and stores automobiles for its customers. Featuring a full service lounge for customer and club members alike, FunKtion Auto Group offers auto enthusiasts a multimedia experience for customers centered on racing events in its plasma TV surround-sound lounge.

"The need for FunKtion Auto was born out of frustration. True car enthusiasts have never been given the opportunity to be involved in the maintenance of their cars----until now", said

Walid Achi, founder of FunKtion Auto. "We've created an environment where a customer who has a casual interest in the maintenance of their car can learn to drive, race and even purchase a

race car if they so desire. In addition, FunKtion serves as a hub of activity for groups like the BMW and Porsche Clubs, who are looking for a place to gather for technical discussion or even to watch a Formula 1 Race."

FunKtion Auto Group has completely scrapped the industry standard of auto service and maintenance. While other dealerships discourage customers from speaking with service personnel or entering service bays, FunKtion Auto customers can speak directly with their service technician and receive a detailed, hands-on report about the needs of their domestic or foreign vehicle, removing the service manager or "middle man" from the automobile maintenance equation.

FunKtion offers a complete A-Z experience for day-to-day drivers and car-fanatics alike. >From fine tuning and upgrades on an every day vehicle to maintenance and storage of a high performance race car. Funktion Auto provides personalized car purchasing, whereby their experienced technical staff will assist customers in purchasing automobiles. Storage, tuning and upgrade options for any purchased automobile are available and are performed in-house.

Funktion Auto Group also takes customer service to a whole new level through its Radical Race Car Sales and Service Support. As the Mid-Atlantic regional distributor for Radical™ Sportscars, Funktion Auto not only assists customers in buying a Radical™ automobile, they bring roadside assistance trackside by offering the expertise of certified Radical™ mechanics who make adjustments to the automobiles on raceday.

About FunKtion Auto

FunKtion Auto is the one stop auto shop for car enthusiasts in the Metro Washington, DC area and consists of four components: FunKtion Auto---a boutique dealership for single and dual purpose race cars, FunKtion Tuning---an in-house high performance tuning and maintenance shop, FunKtion Racing---the company's signature race team that has competed and won at tracks in VA, WV, and NY and FunKtion Auto Club---a car enthusiasts group and social club.

FunKtion Auto is located at 44264 Mercure Drive in Dulles, VA, and is accessible by both the Washington Beltway and Route 28.

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