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If I register, but I can't make the school, will I get my money back?

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Revised Refund Policy for 2008

Student and instructor schedules are finalized and sent to the printer fifteen days prior to the school (namely, on the third Friday preceding the school weekend) (the “Freeze Date”).  We are not able to add students from the wait list after the Freeze Date.  The school costs are all fixed costs and tuition is priced as low as possible based upon full attendance.   

If you notify the Registrar of your cancellation prior to the Freeze Date, you will receive a refund of all amounts paid.  

If you notify the Registrar on or after the Freeze Date, and up until 9:00 p.m. the Friday immediately preceding the school weekend, you will receive a refund of one-half of your school tuition (regardless of the reason for the cancellation).  Notification of the Registrar may be made by email to nccdsregistrarmaccom, or home phone 301.990.1315 or cell phone 703.338.8128.    

If you fail to attend the school without notifying the Registrar prior to 9:00 p.m. the Friday before the school, you will forfeit your entire school tuition for that weekend.

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