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May I bring a convertible?

No. We do not admit convertibles to our schools, whether or not they have roll bars. This was a safety decision made by the chapter after careful consideration. Our paramount concern is the safety of our students and their instructors, as the assumption of risk is significantly greater in a convertible than in a sedan.We have considered a number of factors in determining the relative safety of convertibles at drivers' schools.  These factors must be examined while bearing in mind the very high energies involved.  While rollovers are relatively rare at drivers' schools, they do happen, and they can happen at speeds far above those encountered on the highway.  Considerations which directly affect ability of a roll bar to protect a vehicle's occupants include its design, materials used in construction, method of attachment, and the height of the bar and the occupants.

Because we believe that convertibles offer inherently less protection than sedans in a rollover, because the speeds, and consequently the energies, involved in accidents at current drivers' schools are higher now than they have ever been, and because we have no practicable way to ensure that roll structures on convertibles entered in our schools offer adequate protection, we have elected to prohibit convertibles at our schools.  We recognize that this will disenfranchise certain potential participants, but that is an acceptable alternative to serious injury at our schools.  In the final analysis, your safety, and that of your instructor, must be our overriding concern.

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