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This is my first event. Do I want to start with a drivers' school or the Highway Safety School?

Either is appropriate.  Our Highway Safety School is designed to introduce you to the fundamentals of vehicle behavior and car control skills.  The school is structured as a series of discrete exercises; each one is designed to demonstrate a particular facet of car behavior and allows you to work on a different skill.  There are no high-speed "open track" sessions at the Highway Safety School.  By contrast, the drivers' school does not have dedicated exercises for you to perform.  Instead, driving skills are acquired as part of driving the track, where each corner presents a different challenge.

Some people find that they learn best at the Highway Safety School, where the separate exercises allow discussion and analysis from your instructor after each one.  Some find the volume of information presented at a drivers' school to be a bit overwhelming to start.  Many of our Highway Safety School "graduates" subsequently attend regular drivers' schools.

See the Highway Safety Schools and Drivers' Schools sections of our About Our Driver Education Programs page for a more comprehensive discussion of the differences between these two driver education programs.

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