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Is it dangerous? Will I hurt my car?

While there is an inherent element of risk every time you drive your car, regardless of the venue, we take great care to maximize your safety and minimize your risk at our events.  Safety is our primary focus.

Is it possible to damage your car at the school?  Yes.  However, bear in mind that it is also possible to damage your car on the public roads on the way to the track, where you are far less well protected (no helmet) and have a far greater chance of serious injury (e.g., we have no tractor-trailers at our schools, no drunks, no opposing traffic, no cross traffic, you have flaggers watching out for you, you're very unlikely to hit another car, the barriers are all relatively soft tire walls, etc.).

If you attend enough schools, will you inevitably damage your car?  Certainly not.  How you approach your driver education makes a world of difference.  You must ensure that your skills build faster than your speed.  Are you a better driver as a result of drivers' schools?  Absolutely.  Is that reward worth the risk?  We believe that it is, as long as we all work together to minimize those risks.

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