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Do I have to let my instructor drive my car?

You are not required to allow your instructor to drive your car.  However, we do ask that you strongly consider it if your instructor asks.  Our instructors will not drive your car for their own amusement.  If your instructor asks, it will be for of one of several important reasons:
  • To give you an opportunity to see the track, properly driven, before having to do so yourself.  (Your chief instructor has instructed at numerous tracks for many years but still would never consider attempting to drive a new track without first having been driven around it by someone with experience at the facility.)
  • To demonstrate the correct "line" around the track.  (Many times, a "picture" is worth a thousand words.)
  • To demonstrate proper driving technique, either overall or on one particularly difficult corner of the track.
  • To demonstrate common driving mistakes at particular corners and to illustrate the proper corrections.
Your instructor will only ask to drive your car if it will aid your understanding and enhance your education and will drive only a small number of laps, at reduced speed, for the express purpose of conveying one of the particular points above.  Our instructors will behave professionally and will respect your car and your wishes.  If you have any concerns at all, please feel free to discuss them with your instructor; we will not be offended by such questions.

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