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Isn't the 1.1-mile Jefferson Circuit too short to be of interest?

It depends on whether your interests lie in going as fast as possible in a straight line, or in learning advanced driving skills.  Without the 0.6 mile front straight on the Main Circuit, the remaining 1.4 mile, ten-turn circuit is of similar complexity to the 1.1 mile, seven-turn Jefferson Circuit.  Certainly the shorter straights of the Jefferson circuit limit your top speed to about 20 M.P.H. less than at the Main Circuit, but no skills are involved in driving fast on the straights.  Skills are developed by driving through challenging turns, and the Jefferson Circuit has perhaps the most challenging collection of turns on the East Coast.

The level of technical complexity presented by the Jefferson Circuit gives you an opportunity to build your skills faster than at the Main Circuit.  Moreover, as we run the Jefferson Circuit in both directions at two-day drivers' schools, you really get two tracks (and therefore, two sets of skill-building opportunities) for the price of one.  We are firmly convinced that students who drive the Jefferson Circuit exclusively improve their driving skills more rapidly than those who drive the Main Circuit exclusively.

Of course, the best and most productive way to learn advanced driving skills is to experience as many different types of tracks as possible.  Therefore, we recommend that you attend a mix of Jefferson Circuit and Main Circuit schools.  That effectively exposes you to three different tracks at one facility.

More information regarding the differences between the Jefferson Circuit and the Main Circuit may be found on our Summit Point Information page.

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