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I'm an (advanced / intermediate / novice) driver, so I should be in the (advanced / intermediate / novice) run group. Haven't you put me in the wrong run group?

Unlike nearly every other drivers' school, we do not place students into run groups based solely on experience.  We place students primarily by demonstrated or predicted speed, although there are a number of factors that influence our decision.  Our objective is to make the most profitable use of your time on the track, and we have found that goal is assisted when you are engaged in a minimum of passing activity.

Understanding that drivers and cars of differing capability will be on the track at the same time, we require strict cooperation between drivers to ensure that passing occurs with maximum safety.  However, passing is distracting and interferes with your instruction and education.  If you are placed in a run group where the other drivers are traveling at speeds comparable to yours, you will experience a minimum of interference and can concentrate on your driving.  If you are substantially faster or slower than other drivers, you will constantly have to slow down and wait for, or constantly have to slow down and allow, passing to occur.  Therefore, we place drivers of greater experience but driving slower cars in our slower run groups and drivers of lesser experience but driving faster cars in our faster run groups.

Our in-car and skidpad instructors receive personalized biographies of each student, indicating experience and demonstrated skill level.  Your in-car and skidpad instruction therefore will be tailored precisely to your experience level, regardless of the run group in which you are placed.  Being placed in a slower run group because of the limitations of your car is in no way intended as disparagement of your abilities.

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