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Drivers' School Passing Rules

The BMW Car Club of America's Drivers' School Standards demand strict compliance with club passing rules. Club rules are in place always, during both student and instructor driving sessions.

General Rules

Passing is regulated by the following rules and conditions:
  • There will be absolutely no passing without explicit hand signals from overtaken drivers. Please make your passing signals visible to our flaggers. Do not use in-car signals unless they are unavoidable; in preference, point straight out your window or out and over your roof.
  • If you are overtaken, and the overtaking car is faster overall, you must yield. "Yield" means lifting off the gas. Impeding a persistent train of vehicles for lap after lap is not permitted.
  • You must pass on the side to which the overtaken driver points.
  • The first car behind the lead car in a group gets the first opportunity to pass the slower car, even if cars farther back are faster. High horsepower does not grant priority in passing.
  • You must obtain a passing signal from each car being overtaken, not just the last car in line.
  • Passes must be completed before the braking zones.
  • Violators will be black-flagged for a discussion with the chief instructor.
  • These rules have no latitude. They will be enforced and obeyed for the safety of all.
Passing Zones

Students may initiate passes only in student passing zones.
  • Student passing zones for the Summit Point Main Circuit are between turns 10 and 1, between turns 2 and 3, and between turns 9 and 10.
  • Student passing zones for the Summit Point Jefferson Circuit are between turns 7 and 1, between turns 4 and 5, and between turns 5 and 6. The 4-5 straight is very short and is downhill when the circuit is run counterclockwise. This zone is optional; if a safe pass cannot be made there, the offer of the pass may be delayed until the next zone.
  • Instructors driving in instructor run sessions may pass anywhere with a signal; all other general rules still apply. Instructors driving in student run sessions must obey student passing zone restrictions.
Please note that paragraph 2.8.4 of the BMW CCA Drivers' School Standards states:

Passing violations must be handled aggressively by event management, with offenders spoken to, deprived of track time, and if necessary, ejected from the event!

This standard will be applied.

Revised passing zones

passing_zones_4.0.pdf 37.81 KB

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