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April 2, 2000, Spring Tour, Covered Bridges to South Mountain Inn

Boonsboro, MD


We will be travelling through Frederick County, up to Blue Ridge Summit and back down through Washington County where our destination will be the South Mountain Inn in Boonsboro, Maryland. The Garden Room has been reserved for us.  The chosen course is approximately 82 miles and can be completed in a leisurely 2 - 2 1/2 hours. Our reservations at the South Mountain Inn start at 12:00 p.m.  Do not feel you need to be there at noon.  The reservations will stand for more than one hour, so drive safely.  All the roads are paved although there may be washed up gravel from side roads on some thorofares as well as mud and dirt from nearby farms and vehicles.  You may leave at any time.  Please turn your headlights on.

COURSE FOLLOWING: The route instructions for this tour are written to help you stay on course.  Numbered route instructions (NRIs) are executed in order. Names in quotes are references to a sign.  Unofficial information, which is intended to be helpful, is provided in parentheses. This information may contain road names, but the road signs may be missing.  Mileages are provided at each instruction.  Delta (Interval) mileages are also provided and can alert you to closely spaced actions.  The maximum distance between each route instruction is 3 miles.  If you do not see an instruction in 3 miles, you are probably off course. It is best to check off each instruction as completed.

COURSE MEASUREMENT: The course was measured to 1/10 of a mile in a 1998 318ti BMW with stock 225/50ZR16 tires.  Odometers will vary so please pay close attention to the difference in your odometer to the mileage on the instructions.  The Delta mileages will be helpful in determining the next route instruction to follow.

SAFTEY: This tour is not timed and there are no trophies for the first to arrive.  Please adhere to safe and sane speeds, particularly in towns and residential areas.  We will be on very narrow roads with blind crests, turns and one-lane bridges.  Cautions have been provided to alert you to situations requiring reduced speed and extra attention.  Please take the cautions seriously; they are there for your safety.  There are people, deer and dogs sharing these roads.  Exercise extra caution at railroad tracks.

GAS and RESTROOMS: Gas and restrooms are available at the start at the Exxon station.  There is also a Sheetz service station in Thurmont, 32 miles into the tour.  At the 50-mile point there are gas and restrooms off course in Blue Ridge Summit along Route 16. It is best to fill up before you leave.  Save your appetite for the Inn.
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Bridge History
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Route Instructions

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